Everything I dislike about left-wing protesters can be found in this video by Ann Althouse and her husband.

Here’s the set-up. Ann and Meade, who have been covering the teachers’ union protests in Madison, WI this week, found that one group had stuck a bunch of their posters and signs on the back of a war memorial in the Capitol Rotunda. They had also stacked several piles of leaflets and handouts against the memorial, which honors Wisconsinites who died in World War II (I believe). They confronted the protesters, pretty mildly in my opinion, and asked them to move their display because it was disrespectful. What they got was a bucket full of confusion, rationalizations, and plain old ignorance.

Eventually, they found someone who, after some explanation, understood what they had done and more or less agreed to move the display. I’m skeptical that they moved anything since no one with the group even knew what the memorial was until it was explained to them and felt any shame about what they had done once they learned.

Much of what I felt when I watched the video was summed up nicely by Dave in Texas at Ace’s place.

Additional thoughts, about how the left fails to get the point. Every one of us who is like minded, even with our finer point squabbles, each and every one of us.. when we see a name on a wall.. we get it. We think about a missing father, brother, some mother’s son.. someone’s brother or sister lost..someone who gave their last… and the suffering of the ones who loved them, who had to take that blow.

That’s what a memorial is for. And to see idiots who have no comprehension for that, it doesn’t just disappoint, it inflames.

That’s what they don’t understand.

I’m struck by the irony that, as a protest for teachers, these young skulls full of progressive propaganda, who have spent their whole lives being “educated” seem impermeable to actual instruction about history and etiquette. Then again, when the fundamental foundation of the ideology they’ve been taught is “the ends justify the means”, why should they listen?

(via Michelle Malkin’s Twitter feed)

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