When Voting Raised Its Ugly Head, Dems Bravely Turned Their Tails and Fled

| February 17, 2011 | 7 Replies

In a day, the situation in Wisconsin has gone from merely ridiculous to bizarre. The state Senate was set to vote on Governor Walker’s “budget repair bill” except that all the Democrats were gone. Senate rules require a quorum of 20 and when the Republican Leader called the quorum, only the 19 Republicans showed up to conduct the people’s business. The Democrats had made like Sir Robin and bravely ran away.

After an intense search of several hours, which included law enforcement officers, a few reporters found a number of the runaways…

…in a Best Western in Racine, Ill, from where they called CNN with a list of demands as if they were the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles.

Eventually, a band of concerned citizens showed up and the Democratic Senators scurried away again, in the general direction of Wisconsin. There current whereabouts are unknown, however rumors that an Amber Alert has been broadcast for them is entirely unfounded. So is the rumor that the Ghost Adventures crew is using their “spirit box” to pick up any communications from them in the progressive aether.

Meanwhile, Governor Walker has kindly asked that the Democrats return to the work and participate in the legislative process like they were hired to do. Then again, given the thousands of teachers who decided to leave tens of thousands of families in the lurch when they ducked out of school this week, we should not hold out any hope that they will suddenly discover their adult responsibilities or the truth.

As an end note, let’s not forget what this is really about. If the bill passes, the amount of money a Wisconsin teacher will have to contribute toward their retirement will equal the national average. The amount one will have to contribute to health care benefits will still be half the national average. The union will still survive and will be able to negotiate wage issues for teachers, though not for benefits or leave. These are the rather modest sacrifices the teachers refuse to even consider.

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