The Delivery Presents – A Rush Rebuttal and Sports Talk with Ashley

| February 16, 2011 | 2 Replies

Episode 78 is ready for your listening and downloading pleasure. I’m rather pleased with how the show came out and a little bit surprised that I’ve taken to the long-form rant format as well as I have. Unlike a lot of radio and podcasts hosts, I don’t like to yell at my listeners. When I do rant, and I admit it’s happened more often lately, it’s not because I want to vent my spleen but because I want to encourage you all to some sort of action. Even if you do nothing more than take a little heart from what I say and share the show with someone else, if my rants urge to be a little more engaged in the world around us, then I’m a happy guy.

If you don’t yet know Ashley Sewell, there’s a good chance you soon will. She is scary-good at social media, and has a real knack for blogging and podcasting. She’s also getting more active in Texas politics and I expect to see big things from her (though not necessarily as a candidate) over the next couple few years. I waylaid her on Twitter and brought her over to the show for some talk about Cam Newton’s gargantuan endorsement contract and a quick look at her Beloved Rangers and the upcoming baseball season.

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The Delivery - Episode 78

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