Boehner’s New Motto: Wanna Back Up Offa Me?

| January 30, 2011 | 6 Replies

I have had my differences with Speaker John Boehner and I’m sure I will have them aplenty in the future, but today, I am a fan. He appeared on the Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace and Wallace attempted a bit of levity. I don’t think Boehner caught all the humor of the situation.

House Speaker John Boehner joked Sunday that people need to stop bugging him about his well-known smoking habit.

“It’s a bad habit, but I have it. It’s a legal product. I choose to smoke,” Boehner said on Fox News Sunday before gigging host Chris Wallace: “Leave me alone.”

I’m a smoker and I can relate. For reasons entirely unknown to me, complete strangers regularly feel the need to tell me that smoking is a bad habit, as if I were a time traveler who just plunked down from the 1930s. I usually make a bit of a joke about it, like Boehner did, but deep down inside I want to go all Agent J on them and tell them to ease up off my back about it.

I wonder, though, if we can adopt the Speaker’s quote, or at least part of it, as the official motto of the New Republican Majority. I think a platform of “Leave Me Alone” has one heck of a ring to it and would work very nicely as the foundation for a rollback of all the ridiculous, intrusive, unnecessary, annoying laws and regulations the Democrats have foisted upon us the past four years.

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