Want to Live a Long and Happy Life? Take A Look at Your Grandparents’ Traditional Family Life

| January 28, 2011 | Reply

Chalk two up for traditional family life!

Marriage cheers you up, improves your diet and helps you live longer, researchers say.

It brings better mental and physical health, reducing the chance of premature death by 15 per cent, according to major studies in seven European countries.

And the longer a marriage lasts the more the rewards accumulate – the only catch being that the relationship has to be loving and supportive.

In other words, if you marry and work hard to keep your marriage “loving and supportive”, you’ll be healthier and live longer.

And work is the operative word here because, as we all know, any relationship that’s going to last more than the lifespan of the average fruit fly has to involve negotiation, compromise, and each party playing to his or her strengths. Odd how that last part remains true even as the new feminist left tries to make us forget it.

Dads, if you want to avoid rows with your wife, play with the children but let her do the caring.

Although many fathers would say they are often in trouble for doing just that, a study suggests that couples have a stronger relationship when the father spends more time playing with their child.

But when he participates in care-giving – such as giving baths – parents undermine each other.

Maybe our grandparents were on to something with those traditional gender roles and compromise for the sake of strong, lasting relationships. Go figure.


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