President Obama’s Bad Week In Commissionville

| January 28, 2011 | Reply

It’s been a bad week for the Obama administration, according to two government investigative commissions.

First, the hand-picked panel of financial and government experts on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission released its findings on, well, the financial crisis. Its findings will not surprise you. The commission echoed the administration and blamed the whole affair on reckless rich people, not enough regulation, and us (yep, we’re at fault, too). On the other hand, the Washington Examiner noted how shoddy the comission’s investigation was. About 700 interviews, including those with the heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the administration’s economic pointman Larry Summers, were conducted by panel staffers. In most of those cases, members of the panel didn’t know the interviews were happening and had no input about what was asked. One of the co-chairs, Phil Angelides (who is also Chair of a Soros-funded left-wing “green” activist group that helped write and push the Vote Buying Act Stimulus bill), frequently made changes to sections of the report and asked other members to sign off on them without adequate review.It is Angelides who today is pushing out the Obama line under the guise of an impartial and rigorous commission finding. Fortunately, Angelides isn’t very good at deception.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights issued its final report on the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case and, again, the administration looks very bad. Jennifer Rubin detailed the most damning parts of the report at her Washington Post blog. In short, top people at the Justice Department ordered their people to selective enforce the law and attempted to cover up their actions when the investigation began. Members of the Commission itself also did their best to cover up for the Justice Department’s inexcusable behavior as did the Vice-Chair, who decided early on that, despite evidence to the contrary, the allegations weren’t worthy of investigation.

Both reports tell a similar story: the administration is working steadfastly on a political agenda that few in America really want. The progressive idea of a totalitarian government where expert bureaucrats have ultimate sway is antithetical to the America we know and love. Perhaps the President will realize that and step back from the lofty unicorn and puffy cloud promises of utopia he made to his most ardent followers during his campaign. Admittedly, that would cost him  second term, but he’d be doing it for the country, and I think we’d remember him fondly for that, if for nothing else.

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