I didn’t get to watch President Obama deliver his state of the union address live, because I was recording a rebuttal episode of The Delivery? How is such a thing possible? Well, thanks to a fortuitous leak to the National Journal from a Democrat who had a copy of the speech, the White House released the remarks almost an hour before the speech. So I had some time to look it over, make some notes, and do a whole show on it. Keep your eyes open for the podcast, which I’ll get up on the website later today when I have the time at the computer.

And now, links!

  • If you missed the speech last night here is the video and the transcript. Warning: it’s over an hour long.
  • Here is the GOP rebuttal from Rep. Paul Ryan, both video and transcript.
  • …and the transcript of the Tea Party Express rebuttal from Rep. Michele Bachmann.
  • …and a short but on-point rebuttal from Herman Cain.
  • If you’re interested in judging the spending the President wants to do on the performance of the spending he’s already done, then this analysis of the Vote Buying Act Stimulus Bill is essential.
  • Jennifer Rubin does not like the lack of budget-cuts in the President’s speech. I don’t like that he called a spending freeze a spending cut.
  • Stephen Hayes caught the President in a little temporal flim-flammery.
  • Michelle Malkin is all over the high-speed rail gambit.
  • The greedy gun grabbers weren’t happy that they got nothing in the speech.
  • Mickey Kaus smells a “juice bill”.
  • What do we need? Monorail!
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3 Responses to “Clearing the Browser Tabs - State of the Union Wednesday Edition”

  1. EricH says:

    I like it even less when politicians slow the pace of the spending increases, and call that a spending cut. So…it could have been worse?

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