The Delivery Presents – Girls, Girls, Girls!

| January 24, 2011 | 2 Replies

I don’t quite know how Episode 74 turned in to the girliest episode of The Delivery ever, but it did. I’m not complaining, mind you. A man could do much worse than spend an hour with such lovely and smart women as Teri and Kimberly and we hit on some fun and interesting things.

I’m excited about the new Smart Girl Politics web site and the magazine, which first issue will launch a bit later in the week. The beautiful young lady in the photo on the “Donate” graphic at the site is my friend Ashley, on whose show I will appear later in the week. I’ll have that link as soon as its available, but you can catch part of it on Tuesday night as 9 PM Eastern on From the Right Radio. I say “part” because you’ll want to leave the show a bit early to jump right into the live broadcast, right?

Of course.

On the second half, I will only say three things: 1) The Inception soundtrack is fantastic and you should own it, 2) the movie’s pretty good too and ditto, and 3) I’m glad Kimberly knows fashion because I sure as heck don’t.

The Delivery - Episode 74

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