I thought it was bad when the overnight low Saturday was 18 degrees, but that was balmy compared to the 9 degree low of Sunday night. There are still a couple months left of winter, including the treacherous month of February (T.S. Eliot was wrong), and I’m more than ready to spring to arrive. It’s true we’ve not gotten the brutal snows we did last year (so far, anyhow) but this cold weather is more than enough, thank you.

And to those of you ready to jump in and chide me for whining about the cold when you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, let me just say phooey. I don’t live in what’s generally considered a cold-weather state. If I wanted to freeze off various appendages, I’d live in Green Bay. Maryland’s a mid-Atlantic state. We shouldn’t be dealing with penguin weather, so brrr!

And now, links!

  • The President has a fever and the only cure is more spending on stuff that didn’t work the last time he had a fever! (via memeorandum)
  • Speaking of spending that didn’t work, here’s a great article on where those hundreds of billions of stimulus dolls went. You might be surprised, unless you’re a cynic who’s been watching the way politics works in DC, in which case you won’t be surprised at all.
  • Gee, Reuters? Ya think? And, by the way, running in the other direction, as the President wants to do on the budget cut issue, is not a “pace”.
  • Governor Chris Christie, the closest thing to a top-tier rock star the Republicans have in public office right now, turned down the chance to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union Address. (via memeorandum) I don’t blame him. He likely didn’t want to end up with the same staging that hurt Bobby Jindal so badly a few years ago.
  • Why do I love my conservative blogger friends? Because I can get an E.E. “Doc” Smith and a Dune movie reference in the space of two days to go along with the political commentary.
  • I have the feeling these words will haunt Barack Obama well into 2012.
  • I disagree with Stacy McCain. The word “reprehensible” is not nearly strong enough for the narrative Newsweek is pushing in its new issue. Unfortunately, I can’t print the words I want to use because my Mom reads my blog. Don’t think for a second, by the way, that all the left-wing bloggers, politicians, and journalist who have been pushing the “violent rhetoric must be stopped” narrative have been doing so spontaneously. It’s no coincidence that their message has been so focused.
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