BREAKING: Barack Obama Found with Live Goat Wearing Lipstick

| January 21, 2011 | 2 Replies

What? It’s every bit as accurate a headline as this bit of drivel from the National Enquirer.

I didn’t link to the original piece because I don’t think rumor mongers who pose as journalists deserve traffic. Ace, however, deserves millions of hits for his inspired and dead-on takedown of the NatEnq. Make no mistake here, the Enquirer is looking for traffic. Their “story”, which is based on the fevered imaginings of Palin-hating left-wing bloggers is pure link bait and nothing more.

The story will, however, get some traction in the MSM because it’s a story about Sarah Palin that gives them all an excuse to trot out a bunch of “experts” who will sigh and shrug their shoulders and attempt to bury her political aspirations, whatever they may be. How much traction it will get depends entirely on the ethics of folks like Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Anderson Cooper, Shep Smith, and Rachel Maddow.

Yeah, I know. Snowball. Hell.

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