Why Hitler Dog and Joe the Plumber Can Relate

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This is one of the more amusing, and interesting, stories I’ve come across in a few weeks. During World War II, a Finnish pharmaceutical wholesaler named Tor Borg owned a dog named Jackie. Jackie was better known to Borg’s wife as Hitler because Jackie could do an interesting trick. When Borg said the command “Hitler”, Jackie would raise his paw in a Nazi salute. This amused Borg and his friends but it enraged the Nazis, who could not abide that their beloved leader was lampooned by a dog.

Here’s where the story gets strange, and topical.

Several officials (it’s not clear Hitler himself was involved) became obsessed with removing this object of ridicule, so much so that German diplomats investigate Borg and the dog and entertained putting Borg out of business. The Nazis even summoned Borg to the German embassy to question him about the dog and his opinion of Nazi Germany.

So how is this topical? The greatest weapon anyone can use against tyranny is ridicule. More than anything else, people who wish to be in control of everything must be taken seriously for their control to work. The instant the population starts to look at them as anything but a serious authority, their plans crumble. That is one reason totalitarians seeks control of the media. If they control what we see, and hear, and read, they can squash any attempt to make them look foolish. This, by the way, is why progressives despise Rush Limbaugh and have resurrected the Fairness Doctrine to shut him up. He makes fun of them on a regular basis. He turns their utopian plans into punch lines and dances around their clumsy attempts to fight back. The guys at Hillbuzz have the same thought, and they make an interesting comparison.

That would be like the White House, the DNC, and the Cocktail Party GOP establishment (so Vichy in nature) carrying on a continued correspondence about the goings-on at HillBuzz.org and things a bunch of gay guys in Boystown do to thwart the Obama Administration and its RINO enablers.

We don’t have to ask what would happen in this situation. We only have to look at Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, who had the misfortune of being outside one day working in his lawn when Candidate Obama stopped by for a campaign visit. He asked one question that, unintentionally, embarrassed the progressive poster child. For that impertinence, Democratic officials stole his private records and leaked them to the world, union officials damaged his professional career, and various media figures and national politicians impugned his character.

At least the Nazis left Borg’s business and reputation untouched.


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