The Delivery Presents – Selfishness, CPAC, and Social Media

| December 29, 2010 | 2 Replies

I think SMP Mike really pegged the cover art for Episode 71. I don’t think I’ve ever been as fired up on the air as I was last night and I hope I didn’t sound too angry.

Really, though, the foolishness I wrote about last night and talked about in the first half does make me angrier than anything else I’ve come across in politics. I get why “morality” groups would be angry that GOProud has a seat at the conservative table. I’m not questioning their right to disagree, or even their right to participate in whatever venue they choose. However, they do not have the right to make a big show of their disagreement then try to burn the house down when they leave. If I ran a group like the Family Research Council, and I felt that strongly that I couldn’t participate in CPAC, then I simply wouldn’t. That’s it. No stink. If my members wondered why, I’d tell them, quietly and calmly. I would never leak that news to a “conservative” news outlet in order to manufacture some sort of scandal. Pentulant and selfish displays like that play right into the hands of the progressive left and are not only unnecessary but unquestionably harmful.

Come to think of it, what irks me more often than anything else is selfishness. That theme also weaves through the second-half of the show. I revealed my Two Secret Rules of Social Media Mastery, which aren’t much of a secret even though Social Media gurus make an awful lot of money talking about them as if they are. I also got into a little inordinate Kindle love for which I was not compensated so much as a penny (but I’m available, Amazon! I’m so very available!).

The Delivery - Episode 71


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