My plan last night was to wake up not long before 3 AM and catch a good chunk of the lunar eclipse, past totality (which is not terribly exciting viewing) into the unveiling of the moon from the Earth’s shadow (which is incredibly cool). Alas, I also saw Tron: Legacy earlier in the evening and the movie ran longer than I thought it would, so I didn’t get home until later and I overslept a bit. I missed the totality…err, totally…but I did see the moon emerge from behind our shadow, so at least I got to see my favorite bit of an eclipse.

For those of you who slept through the whole event, you can see some very good pictures of the eclipse from different vantage points and at different points in time at this post at Universe Today. The view of the moon next to the Washington Monument is especially lovely and I’d not mind owning it as a print. also has a good bunch of photographs taken by a couple amateur astronomers.

If you don’t want to browse photographs, check out this video of the eclipse from Savannah, GA. It’s a bit over 4 minutes long, but worth the time.

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