Here is Alcohol You Can Admire

| December 20, 2010 | 1 Reply

Someone get this to Stephen Green, stat!

If you have often wondered what exactly lies within the various concoctions that make our favourite alcoholic drinks, then here is your answer.

These incredible pictures show popular cocktails magnified up to 1,000 times under a high-tech laboratory microscope.

Produced by U.S. firm Bevshots, they reveal the incredible molecules and kaleidoscopic colours created by the different combinations.

Capturing the constituent parts of favourite drinks such as vodka, pina colada and Chablis, the pictures were taken in Florida State University’s chemistry department.

And what sort of drink makes for the best picture? Oh, my friends, hold on to your tiny umbrellas.

Cocktails can have fruit and soft drinks in which contain citricĀ  acids and complex sugars which dry out well and look greatĀ  photographed.

That’s not great news for The Internet’s Vodkapundit, because vodka doesn’t dry out quite as nicely and can take, according to the article, up to 200 attempts to photograph. But when they do get a good shot, it’s strangely compelling and quite lovely.

And delicious.

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