This kind of stuff ticks me off.

On “Good Morning America” Monday, host George Stephanopoulos asked Sen. Charles Schumer how well he thought Barack Obama is working with Congress and what advice he’d give the president.

Schumer advised Obama against dealing with the “hard right,” arguing conservative Republicans aim to set the nation back centuries.

“My advice to the president is compromise when you can, but when people are being unreasonable, and we have hard right people who seem to be wanting to move us back to the 19th century, draw some lines in the sand and fight,” Schumer said. “Try to compromise first. Do everything you can, but don’t give up your core fundamental principles. I think the American people will respect that.”

I honestly don’t expect George Snuffleupagus to correct Schumer when he belches something that noxious. Snuffy is a Democratic shill playing as being a journalist and he’s going to accept whatever Schumer says like a seal gulps down a fishy reward from his trainer. A real journalist would have challenged Schumer on what he said, would have asked him in what people want us back in the 19th Century and in what ways.

But someone needs to call out Chuck Schumer, and since none of his Republican colleagues have jumped at the chance, I guess I will.

Senator Schumer: No one in the conservative movement wants America to return to the way things were in the 1800s, Senator. We all like our indoor plumbing, our antibiotics, our computers, our automobiles, our airplanes, our microwave ovens, and our civilized politics which preclude me from beating your cowardly ass like a dog in the street for your risible insult. If you can name specific people who want to return us to those days and tell us in detail in what ways they are trying to accomplish that then tell true, Senator, or shut your fool mouth. I’ll wager you can’t, which is why you used the weasel-word “seem”, a word my English teacher told me people use when they’re too gutless to be specific. Well, okay, she didn’t use those words exactly, but she seemed to say that, so I guess it’s good enough. So, you’re either a coward, too afraid to actually name names and give examples; or you’re an unethical jerk who uses base insults against broad swaths of America to score some cheap pop with your dwindling fan base. In either case, you owe the country an apology. But as a consolation, since I know you have to get the mean out of your system in some way, feel free to give George S. a twirling wedgie the next time you see him.

(via John McCormack, who notes that the oft-used progressive meme has fallen back a century or two.)

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