Requiem for a DREAM Act

| December 19, 2010 | Reply

The DREAM Act, which would have provided de facto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants died in the Senate today, which is good for all of us. We simply can not ignore our own laws, especially immigration laws, and hope to keep our nation intact.

I feel for those people who were brought here illegally by their parents or relatives and who have grown up knowing only America as home. It’s not their fault they’re here and they are in a terrible position. Most of them have no desire to return to their country of birth. In many cases, their home countries are cesspools of poverty, violence, and despair. But that is neither our fault nor our responsibility to make better. To be sure, we can do what we can to ease their legal entry into America, and we should certainly do that, but we should not simply ignore our laws to make that happen. There are thousands of people who have been waiting patiently in line, who have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars and jumped through a ridiculous number of bureaucratic hoops to get to America legally who do not deserve to be pushed farther back in line. They have done everything we have asked of them and it is not fair of us to grant others the priceless advantage of living in our country who have not done us the courtesy of obeying our laws, whether they’re here by choice or not.

If Congress truly wants to make things easier for would-be legal immigrants, it can drop this ridiculous “immigration reform” ploy and streamline the system we now have. America has plenty of room for people who wish to come here and become part of the greatest nation the world has ever known. We have no room for those who want to break in and steal from us, no matter how sympathetic their plight.


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