The Delivery Presents – The Economy’s Cold but Hockey is Hot

| December 18, 2010 | 2 Replies

It’s always exciting when I bring on guests with whom I haven’t interacted, either in person or online, very much. There’s always the chance that they won’t be nearly as interesting in conversation as they are in their customary medium. I’m glad that wasn’t true for the two guests you’ll hear on Episode 69. Both were incredibly smart, great fun to talk to, and brought their A-games even though our recording was late in the evening.

James Pethokoukis and Greg Wyshynski are, so far as I’m concerned, at the top of the ladder in their areas of expertise and I was glad to have them both on the show. James and I covered the economics of the recently-signed tax deal (there isn’t much good news there) and also spent a few minutes talking about Jeopardy! (he’s a Champ and I’m not). Greg and I talked hockey for new hockey fans, and if you’re not at least a little curious about the sport after you listen to what he has to say, then your curiosity gland is on the fritz.

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The Delivery - Episode 69

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