A Prayer Request for My Friend, Andrew Lawton

| December 13, 2010 | 9 Replies

Those of you who read The Shack regularly will be familiar with Andrew Lawton. He has two very successful websites, Strictly Right and Strictly Pop, co-hosts the widely-heard Strictly Right podcast, and is a major figure in Canadian conservative political circles. He’s not just a master of new media, but he’s also an all-round good guy and my friend.

I got news today that Andrew is in the hospital with a serious illness. I’m not sure exactly what the illness is, but I know he had suffered a stroke about a year ago and had made a solid recovery. He is currently in critical condition and not out of the woods yet by a long shot. Wendy (Right Girl) is getting updates from the family and is posting what she’s able on Twitter. I’ll update this post with news as I get it as well.

I’d deeply appreciate any prayers you’re willing to offer on his behalf. Andrew is one of the good guys and I know he’d appreciate the backup.

Updates below the fold.

UPDATE: As of about 7:30 PM Eastern, the doctors were going to slowly take Andrew off of “mechanical assistance”. He is in stable, but critical condition and in a medically-induced coma. Please keep up the prayers.

UPDATE 2: This morning, Andrew is stable, but back on mechanical assistance. This is, I’m told, normal. His family has started a Facebook page to keep folks abreast and has listed an address where you can send cards as well.

UPDATE 3: As of Wednesday morning, Andrew’s still stable and maybe — maybe — there is good news on the horizon. He’ll undergo surgery to remove the blood oxygenator, which means that his body plus outside help is handling the task. As you’d expect, surgery is risky, so load up the prayers today.

Also, some of the folks at Take That Media are going to do a special podcast Friday night. I don’t have any particular details on it right now save one. If you have any good wishes or words of encouragement you’d like to leave Andrew, you can do it by calling 717-892-0353. SMP Mike is going to leave the recorder open until we tape the show. It’d do Andrew a lot of good to hear plenty of messages from his friends and fans. Also, if you happen to know Miley Cyrus and can get her to do a special appearance, that would rock!

UPDATE 4: Thursday morning update. Andrew came through his surgery well. He’s still in a coma and still dependent on mechanical assistance, but he seems to be getting a bit stronger. The surgery was a bit of a big deal.

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