On the Matter of Freedom, We Should Never Be on China’s Side

| December 8, 2010 | 14 Replies

On Friday, the Nobel committee will award the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who truly deserves it, a Chinese dissident named Liu Xiaobo. Mr. Liu won’t be there to receive his award because he is in a Chinese prison, serving an 11-year sentence for “subversion”. His wife won’t be there either, because the tyrants in Beijing has placed her under house arrest. In fact, the Chinese government is rounding up dissidents and family members of dissidents all over the country and the only ones who will be there in Liu’s stead are those who have already escaped the tyrants’ brutal clutches.

China will not be represented at the awards ceremony either. The Chinese government has declined the committee’s invitation and has called Liu’s award “flagrant interference in China‘s sovereignty”. China is not alone in the boycott either. Eighteen other nations declined their invitations, including such bastions of decency and civilization as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, and Cuba.

They are also joined by an ally here in America, Congressman Ron Paul, who was the lone vote against a Congressional resolution honoring Mr. Liu. I have no good explanation for why Dr. Paul would deny Mr. Liu the honor he had no problem bestowing on Chi Chi Rodriguez and winning football teams, and I suspect his supporters won’t either, except to say that he’s brilliant or some such nonsense.

His vote notwithstanding, I’m glad that Congress made a public statement in support of Mr. Liu and against the wicked ChiComs. Freedom needs every boost we can give it, no matter how small. Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo. I very much hope he is freed to receive his reward soon.

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