This is monstrous.

The number of patients becoming malnourished in hospital has doubled in just three years.

Official figures show that a record 13,500 patients fell victim to some form of nutritional deficiency last year.

Most are frail and elderly pensioners who are simply ‘left to starve’ because they are too weak to feed themselves.

Concern is mounting among campaigners and relatives that nurses are now too busy to carry out basic duties of care, such as helping the most vulnerable to eat and drink.

Meal trays are being left on tables out of reach of bedridden patients and then taken away, completely untouched.

As you read the article, you will learn that these elderly patients were not malnourished before they fell victim to the tender ministrations of the NHS. They got that way while allegedly under competent and professional medical care paid for and monitored by the government of Great Britain.

This should not be happening. Earlier this year both the Telegraph and the Times published stories about thousands of patients who died in British hospitals because of bureaucratic bungling. The ineffectiveness of the NHS is well-known, yet the British government has yet to make any significant changes to how it does business. The smart thing would have been to start dismantling the sclerotic agency as quickly as possible, but that hasn’t happened and things have gotten so bad that the Daily Mail is actually leading a charge to raise money to pay for nursing staff and adequate facilities. I can’t imagine how the Brits tolerate such a situation, but I’ve yet to see even the hint of a public uprising.  Perhaps our friends in Britain could use a little Tea Party of their own.

Meanwhile, let us make sure that we in America take the lesson our British friends still have not learned and rid ourselves of the noxious Obamacare before it does real damage.

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