Jimmie at Hot Air: Afghani Tomfoolery and GOP State Domination

| November 24, 2010 | 1 Reply

Over at Hot Air today, I wrote a couple posts about stories that, to be honest, should have been bigger news but, for whatever reason, just weren’t. First up, the story of how a man pretending to be a high-ranking member of the Taliban managed to fool the Afghan government and a bunch of western diplomats. Actually, no one knows quite how he did it, save that no one in the meetings really new what they guy they were supposed to meet looked like. Here’s a bit of my post wherein I express…disappointment.

The Obama administration needs to get to the bottom of this situation quickly, because right now, the real story here is that we have no earthly idea what we are doing in Afghanistan.

Now, that may be true, but it’s certainly not the message we want to send to the Taliban or to their head-chopping al-Qaeda brethren, who have to be feeling awfully good about themselves today. Not only did this ruse, which doesn’t appear to have been an intentional Taliban ploy, waste at least two months of precious time but it also exposed how woefully ineffective our intelligence gathering has been. If our government, or any NATO government, doesn’t have enough human intelligence in place to adequately identify the people who are daily trying to kill our solders, then heads need to roll. I realize the situation is difficult. I know that we’re fighting an enemy that doesn’t exactly publish a list of its leadership on an “About the Taliban” page of a website, but still, good intelligence is the foundation of fighting and winning any war. I am, quite frankly, astounded that the ruse went as far as it did and our President needs to make very sure it doesn’t happen again.

My evening post covered the GOP’s recent utter domination of state house elections. Things could get very interesting in Washington over the next two years if the Republican majorities decide they want to flex a little political muscle at the state level.

If you think one Chris Christie is good, imagine if we had ten Chris Christies or 50 in each of the states Republicans control. That’s a distinct possibility, which makes the GOP dominance of state elections a win that could pay off for America for generations.

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