I’m Asking for a Small Tip Jar Miracle, But You Can Deliver It.

| November 19, 2010 | 10 Replies

I’ve never asked for anything like this before, but I know the internet is capable of quite a lot, and I have some pretty darned amazing readers and friends here so here goes.

My faithful Ford broke down yesterday on the way home from work. The hope at the time was that repairing it would be a relatively simple affair that wouldn’t cost very much. This morning, that’s not at all the case. The problem is inside the motor, which means a few days of repair and at least a thousand dollar bill. At least. The worst case is that I’m looking at a new engine which will clock in somewhere around two grand plus the cost of renting a car for up to ten days.

I simply don’t have that much money, even if I drain my bank account and run my emergency credit card to the max. I am, still, a pretty low-level public employee, one who hasn’t quite seen the great benefits that most of the rest of the public sector have seen lately. I have built up reserves, but not enough to cover this.

So I’m turning to you guys, the great Army of Davids, for a hand. There’s a donation button at the bottom of this post and in the right hand sidebar you can use to send me what you like. Send what you can. If you can’t donate, then I ask you to spread the word to people who you think can, by blog, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Shake the trees. You can do a pretty awesome thing here and with your help (and that of the Almighty who I believe is still very much in the miracle business) this will only be a blip instead of a financial catastrophe.

Thanks to all of you for the mighty thing you are going to do on my behalf.

UPDATE: One $50 donation in already! Thank you to the generous benefactor who does not want to be named. If 39 more people — and that is not a large number at all — donated that much, then we’d be in miracle territory.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to master podcaster and Liberty Pundit star Clyde Middleton for the call to action!

UPDATE 3: Wow. I just checked my e-mail and the outpouring of help in just a couple hours has very nearly overwhelmed me. Thanks to all of you who, thus far, have been so very generous. I will be sending individual notes to all of you as soon as I’m able.

UPDATE 4: Thanks Stephen and Paula for the blog shout-outs. If you don’t read these guys regularly, you really should. They are very, very good. The same is true of the funny and smart Fingers Malloy.

UPDATE 5: Thanks to my friend, and CPAC running buddy Duane Lester (who also was a major player in my decision to start The Delivery).


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