Rand Paul: Now that I’ve Been Elected, I Have Discovered that Earmarks Aren’t All that Bad!

| November 8, 2010 | 7 Replies

I am as eager as the next conservative to see the Republicans tear into government spending. I want to see Obamacare tossed out a window of the Capitol like an old mattress. I want to see department budgets crushed. I want to see the bureaucrats driven before us. I want to hear the lamentations of the Cabinet Secretaries. I am just a little bit eager to get about the work of turning our sclerotic money-suck into something far, far smaller.

But I might have to wait a little bit. See, it seems that the lure of bribery cash earmarks might prove too much for Rand Paul, one of our newest and most libertarian Senators-elect, to resist. I’d like to tell you this surprises me, given Rand’s tough talk on earmarks, but it doesn’t. Rand’s father Ron, touted as as a true fiscal hawk, has been a rather large fan of “bringing home the bacon” and it seems that the nut didn’t fall far from the tree.

I wrote last week that the GOP will never make the big cuts necessary to save us from financial ruin if it can’t put down its favorite re-election toy. That job is going to get a lot more difficult if Paul, who should be the most vocal proponent for an earmark ban given his campaign hype, has already started started to salivate over his chunk of the federal budget and all the awesome votes he can buy with it.

UPDATE: Doug Mataconis rides to Paul’s defense with a weak sauce argument about how earmarks aren’t really much of a much.

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