I’d Love to Claim Credit for This Smart GOP Move, But…

| November 8, 2010 | 1 Reply

Now, see Republicans? That wasn’t very hard, was it?

Now that the GOP is set to take power in the House of Representatives this January, the party is integrating Tea Party representatives into its official apparatus.

The House Republican Party’s newly-formed transition team includes a number of House veterans, but it also includes freshmen Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Tim Scott of South Carolina. Both Kinzinger and Scott won the support of both the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin during their campaigns.

The 22-member transition team, which includes two other freshmen, will prepare the GOP for its leadership takeover so it can start acting on its agenda right away. More specifically, the team will work to implement the GOP’s “Pledge to America” and look for additional ways to make Congress more transparent, cost-efficient and accountable, according to Transition Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.). The team’s first organizational meeting is tonight.

As I wrote yesterday, small gestures like this now will pay off richly for the GOP in the future. The Tea Parties shared from their strengths before and during the election; so now the GOP shares from its strengths of power and the ability to drive policy in return. In time, you actually start to build trust from distrust and before you know it, you have some of that fancy-schmancy synergy stuff all the smart people like to talk about! Cooperation is not just for the occasional Sesame Street episode.

(Of course, the post title is in jest. I’m sure that someone in the GOP hit on the idea long before I did. Or maybe it was all happenstance. Either way, it’s a smart move. I still hope the party finds a useful place for Bachmann.)

UPDATE: Here’s another very smart move that includes the Tea Parties, even if it doesn’t so overtly. Dear mercy, these guys might just get it!

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