Allahpundit is to blogging what Josh Hamilton is to the game of baseball. His swing is a thing of majestic beauty and when he gets one in his wheelhouse, he can hit it an awfully long way. Witness his opening to this post on how the Democrats are eager to embrace the suck.

Democrats wonder: Could retaining the most toxic figure in American politics possibly be a bad idea?

Answering that question correctly is roughly as difficult as solving a Scooby Doo mystery, and yet … they’re not going to solve this one, are they? It’s the equivalent of Shaggy, Scoob, and the rest of the crew giving up after a half-hour, piling into the Mystery Machine, and driving off to go smoke a bowl or whatever. Those meddling kids really need to “meddle” a little more this time.

Here’s a secret hint for Democrats trying to find the culprit and crack the case: Check the lady in the Nancy Pelosi mask.

If the Democrats really think that Nancy Pelosi’s vaunted whipping skills are going to lead them back to the Promised Land, well, they’ve severely underestimated their own colleagues’ desire to keep their rather cushy jobs. The Blue Dogs ran into an electoral wood chipper that reduced their number by half and I can’t imagine they want a repeat of that experience in 2012.

My own guess is that there aren’t many Democrats who really want Nancy Pelosi as their leader and they’ll be glad when she’s gone. Their problem is, after giving her all the power, they didn’t keep back enough of their own to get rid of her. They bought the hype of the permanent Democratic majority and didn’t think about what could happen if they were wrong. So now they’re stuck. Better to give her the position her ego demands and quietly get behind someone who will bring a bit more competence to the position of minority leader in 2012.

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