Handicapping Tomorrow’s Action: Don’t Bet on Blue.

| November 1, 2010 | 1 Reply

My friend Clyde Middleton of the excellent Liberty Pundits media collaborative asked me to be part of a roundtable post wherein several bloggers would handicap tomorrow’s election and look a bit past it to what the country will look like afterwards. He tossed my contribution in with those of such new media luminaries as Melissa Clouther and Bruce McQuain and here is the result. Hey, it’s every bit as good as some panel of MSM prognosticators could produce and you don’t have to deal with the snootiness!

In a related story, William Jacobsen has noticed that the Not One Red Cent effort of which I was a part last year has borne delicious fruit. I hope that the message we delivered then is remembered by tomorrow’s victors long enough for them to turn it into tangible results. If not, I’ll be handicapping the 2012 election with much less optimism and far more righteous anger.

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