Why Do We Keep Making Big Failed Government Bigger?

| October 27, 2010 | 3 Replies

Here’s a heck of a point from the Troglopundit.

We don’t trust politicians. We don’t believe that they put the common good above their own political welfare.

We do believe that politicians are swayed like wheat grass in heavy winds by the smell of a nice big check. The highest bidder, we believe, gets his way. Not us.

And yet, we’re handing these same politicians more and more power to spend vast amounts of money and create vast networks of bureaucratic authority that affect more and more aspects of our daily lives. These same politicians, whom we do not trust.

There’s a question at the end of his post we really ought to consider. I’ll ask one of my own.

Why do we continue to grow the size of government even though we know it’s laden with corruption, waste, inefficiency, and incompetence? If our mechanic or plumber gave us the same service we get as a matter of routine from the federal government, we’d not only stop using that mechanic or plumber, but we’d probably sue them to get our money back.

Even so, we eagerly sign on to the next big program and bloat up the programs we already have despite what history and our own eyes tell us. And when government fails us, we don’t seriously consider making it smaller. We buy the line, from the politicians who have a vested interest in the outcome, that what we really need to do is fix the program just a little.

Why do we act that way? Why do we lose our good sense when it comes to government?


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