Hey You, American! Back in Formation!

| October 21, 2010 | 7 Replies

I am obviously not the only one amused by how baffled the Democrats and MSM are at the anger emanating from the American voting public like heat from the floor of Death Valley. It is as I said in my latest podcast: the left simply can not comprehend that Americans do not want to be ruled. Whenever one of the progressive left’s schemes meets with even token resistance, it is always the silly, stupid, bitter, clingy, God-bothering, gun-fondling, unsophisticated people who are at fault, egged on by shadowy right-wing puppet masters whose idea of paradise is Auschwitz by way of WalMart. Never for a minute does it occur to them that a nation whose identity has always fondly embraced the rugged individualist won’t be terribly interested in marching in perfect formation behind a bunch of poncey progressive drum majors.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein notes, as only he can, that the Democrats and MSM aren’t the only ones baffled by the Tea Parties.

UPDATE 2: My friend Elizabeth Scalia is as smart on this subject as she is everything else.

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