Der Spiegel: No, America! That’s Now How You March in Lockstep Behind a Charismatic Leader!

| October 21, 2010 | 1 Reply

The influential German periodical Der Spiegel is miffed that we silly Americans have expressed some small amount of disapproval in Barack Obama. In its latest edition, an editorial claims that we rambunctious bumpkins would be a lot better off if only we returned to our knees and worshipped The Obamessiah. Only the MSM, says Der Obamaspiegel, is telling any truth and no one’s listening because we are under the sway of “older white hate mongers [who] make loud noises.”

Yes, well, who would know better about “older white hate mongers” than the Germans? Perhaps they’d like us more if we’d form neat lines and march with a certain waterfowl-related step behind our charismatic leader instead of storming the ramparts like the freedom-loving mob we’ve pretty much always been.

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