Why Was Barney Frank’s Boyfriend Harassing Sean Bielat?

| October 17, 2010 | 3 Replies

How desperate is Barney Frank, architect of the housing debacle, to hold on to his cushy House seat? He sent his boyfriend out to harass his challenger, Sean Bielat, after their latest debate.

Yes, you read that right. Frank simply couldn’t accept that Bielat, a former Marine who has actually earned a legitimate paycheck in this century, handed him his lunch, so he looked around for supporters to send after him and found no one but his boyfriend.

Now, why might Barney be nervous, his campaign’s boast that they’ll win by 20 points notwithstanding? Well, let’s look at recent events.

  1. Bielat outraised Frank last quarter, and not by a tiny margin.
  2. His gambit of having John Kerry swing a stick for him blew up in his face.
  3. This internal poll that had Bielat within 10 points a month ago, before he started smacking Frank around the debate stage.
  4. Bill Clinton, who was recently in Massachusetts stumping for Frank, laid the housing crisis on Democrats in Congress, of whom Frank was chief. Forbes put the button on Clinton’s point in this blog post.

I can’t remember the last time Frank had a serious election challenger. It’s very possible that he’s completely forgotten how to run in a competitive election, which would explain why he sent his young man out to yip and yap at Beilat’s heels. Voters need to know their elected officials are both caring and competent. Frank is neither one. He does, however, have a surfeit of arrogance, and that what he’s been throwing the people of Massachusetts so far.

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