Stacy and Pete, the Campaign Reporters of Consequence.

| October 17, 2010 | 2 Replies

Stacy McCain, who joined me on last week’s episode of The Delivery, is on the road again. When we spoke for the podcast, he was in Massachusetts covering the Sean Bielat campaign. He turned in a number of excellent reports from the field, but now he’s headed off to take the gonzo coverage to several other campaigns.

Sunday morning, he’ll be in New York reporting on the campaign GOP candidate George Phillips (NY-22) before taking an evening run to Syracuse to see Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25). After that, he’ll head down into Pennsylvania and file more reports from a location to be announced.

He’s not alone, by the way. He’s enlisted Pete, Da TechGuy as his Junior Minion and Gonzoite in Training, so you won’t get coverage from just one reporter, but two. These guys are completely out of pocket on this trip and they could use as much tip jar action as you can give them. I know there has been a lot of demand on your wallet, what with Glenn Beck helping out the poor, impoverished Chamber of Commerce and campaign “money bombs” falling so often that it Twitter’s looked like Operation Linebacker lately. Still, this is, from where I sit, a cause far more worth of your hard-earned money than any political campaign or special interest group. These guys are doing real, old-school journalism and if we on the right have any hope of turning the MSM toward respectability again, it’s has to start with citizen journalists like Stacy and Pete doing the gruntwork, supported by folks like you.

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