The Delivery Presents – How To Do New Media Your Way And Be Happy, By Two Happy Guys

| October 13, 2010 | 4 Replies

Episode 60 is tagged, bagged, and waiting for you to pickup at the iTunes window.

There isn’t much I can say about this week’s show except that there was an odd synergy between my guests that I didn’t really notice until about midway into my interview with cartoonist par excellence Chris Muir. Both he and my second-half guest Stacy McCain, are earning their living online in perhaps the most difficult way possible — by getting it mostly from reader donations.

Granted, the DIY approach to making a living is not something I’d recommend for most people. I’m contemplating such a move with the podcast and I don’t mind telling you I have serious misgivings about my ability to pull it off. But, if you churn out consistently good (and, more importantly, desirable) content and you truly pursue your love with the crazy sort of abandon that a certain blogger might employ to woo a re-tweet from a certain famous and gracious actress, then you can do it.

Chris and Stacy are doing it. They’re not wealthy by any means, but they’re on the path that leads, slowly but surely, to where the money is.

We also talk a little politics amongst the passionate pursuit of your avocation stuff. You’ll like that, too. Oh, and if the show art confuses you a bit, you can get a wee hint here or just start coming to the live chatroom on Tuesday nights!

The Delivery - Episode 60

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