A Very Happy Birthday, Margaret Thatcher

| October 13, 2010 | 7 Replies

Today is Margaret Thatcher’s 85th birthday and I would like to wish her only the best of health and the brightest of days. She’s been ill for far too long and I pray God would give her a few easy years before she leaves this world.

She was the greatest British Prime Minister of my lifetime, possessed of formidable intellect, shining wit, and excellent political instincts. Claire Berlinski, in her biography of the Baroness, says that Thatcherism saved England and I can’t find reason to say otherwise. She will go down in history as one of the world’s foremost leaders, one of perhaps two hands full of people in all of history who truly changed the world greatly for the good.

I interviewed Ms. Berlinski about Thatcher and her book in the first half of this episode of The Delivery and, I must say, it was one of my finer interviews. Claire is an exceptionally good conversationalist and she added quite a lot to what I had already learned from her book.

You might also enjoy this video clip, wherein the Prime Minister unexpectedly drops some humor into one of her more famous speeches. I admit, I laughed.


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