If someone asked you to name the greatest living American, whose name would come to mind? I admit, I can’t think of just one right off the bat. I might name Billy Graham, Lance Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Bill Gates, or perhaps Normal Borlaug or Martin Scorscese. It’s a tough question — there are certainly many worthy to contend for the title — and I don’t think anyone would have a single ready answer.

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone except the most dunderheaded would name two people who were actually dead, especially if the two people died in the past twelve months and were personal friends.

Yet that’s exactly what Harry “I’m so awesome I don’t even have to listen to the question before spouting my tired progressive codswallop” Reid did when asked the question in an interview with David Brody. I don’t suppose he could help himself. His re-election prospects are not looking good and he needs all the nutroot support he can possibly get. How better to rally the proggies ’round the flag than to summon the spirits of <del>a killer and a Klan recruiter</del> two venerable lions of the cause to flank him?

Though I have to wonder what Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama think of his answer, what with their obvious breathing, being alive, and obvious awesomeness and everything.

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