Shorter Obamas: Don’t Be a Don’tBee! Be a DoBee!

| October 7, 2010 | 1 Reply

Some of us call this a feature, not a bug.

President Obama warned Wednesday that his agenda will be stuck in gridlock for the next two years if Democrats lose control of the House.

“Unless we are able to maintain Democrats in the House and Senate, then we’re going to be stalled for two years or four years, and we’re going to start going backwards,” Obama said in remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New Jersey, according to a pool report.

As it happens, backing out of the Obama agenda is exactly what the majority of Americans want. Of course, the President can’t very well tell his big Democratic contributors that he’s going to turn a quick about-face on his progressive totalitarian plans just because the American people strongly think they stink. I expect his story will change shortly after November, when his focus will change from trying to avoid an electoral bloodbath to fighting for his own political survival. Then, he’ll have a lot more room to blame Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for his failures and neither of them will have the power nor the pulpit to contradict him.

UPDATE: Don’t Be a Don’tBee! Be a DooBee!

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