Oh, There’s a Political Civil War Happening, All Right.

| September 27, 2010 | 4 Replies

If you listen to the Democratic Party or their lapdogs in the MSM, there is a “civil war” right now raging inside the Republican Party. This is a good story for them for two reasons. First, they get to paint the Tea Parties as a bunch of violent reactionaries who want to take over the Capitol, smear feces all over the wallpaper, and paint moustaches on the portraits of the great Democratic statesmen; and Republicans as a bunch of old-fashioned do-nothings. Second, their pleasant fiction acts as a teddy bear that will comfort them and protect them from the nightmare that wakes them up in a cold sweat — the one where they lose all their political power in the blink of an eye. That’s why you’ve seen so many “civil war” stories lately. Democratic approval ratings are falling faster than a pregnant pole vaulter wearing a lead knapsack and the left is desperate for anything they can find to reverse their fall and give them a good night’s rest.

As with most political stories these days pushed by the left, however, it’s as bogus as a Joe Biden hairdo. There’s a political fight going on all right, complete with harsh words and arrogant scolding, but it’s not happening on the right. The White House is throwing haymakers at the nutroots, who are threatening some sort of flaccid revolt, and the MSM are all standing around silently pleading for Mommy and Daddy to stop fighting. The blood on the floor is progressive blood and they show no sign at all of pulling it together before Election Day.

Yep, folks, dark days are coming for the progressive left. Right now, they’re jumping around the first three stages of grief like a waterbug in a hot skillet, but soon they’re going to land on Stage Four and, when they do, there won’t be enough ice cream and cheap whiskey to go around. I can’t wait.

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