See this? This comic caused a man to issue a death threat against the woman who drew it that was so dire that she had to abandon her identity and assume a brand new one. Her name used to be Molly Norris, but it’s not anymore. Molly Norris is dead and the “man” who killed her, Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, remains alive and lives quite peacefully and safely right here in the United States.

Oh, to be sure the murder wasn’t literal, but it might as well have been. The woman who used to be Molly Norris still exists, with a brand-new identity, but now has no family, no friends, no history, and no expectation that she won’t wind up which a knife in her chest and a note praising Allah for the death of another blasphemer. She will live and work in constant fear of every Muslim because she has no way of knowing who is one of the relative few peaceful and sane Muslims and which one is part of the mainstream of Islam who want so-called blasphemers executed.

And please, don’t point out that I have things backwards. I’m not a fool; I can count. There is exactly one majority Muslim nation in the world that isn’t a sharia-spreading, freedom hating theocracy and even that one’s sliding in the bad direction. Anwar al-Awlaki’s brand of Islam rules the Muslim world, which makes it the mainstream brand. I wish it were otherwise, but wishing won’t give Molly Norris her life back.

What distresses me most, though, is that there seem to be few people upset by Awlaki’s loathesome bullying. Let’s get straight on this. Anwar al-Awlaki wants to destroy our First Amendment and replace it with a “don’t talk about this or I’ll murder you” code that is not only anti-American but has no place in even an 19th Century civilization. He is primitive ignorance incarnate and he wants to spread the reprobate law he worships everywhere so that he and his can rule like despots and live out their perverse power fantasies on all of us. That, my friends, is unacceptable to me and it ought to be unacceptable to you as well. Molly Norris should never have been forced to erase herself in order to remain alive. Anwal al-Awlaki should have gotten the message long before now that we will not allow anyone to use our precious rights as tools of wicked oppression.

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