When a Snide Left-Winger Gives You Lemons, Make Awesome Conservative Lemonade

| September 9, 2010 | 3 Replies

New Jersey Governor and new conservative hero Chris Christie is at it again. He attended a town hall meeting in Raritan, NJ and, during the question and answer period, took a question from a local elementary school teacher. Technically, I call it a question because it had a question mark at the end. Really, what she did was parrot the New Jersey teachers’ unions’ talking points about how mean Chris Christie is to teachers and how heartless he’s been in cutting education budgets.

The Governor would have none of it, nor did he have much tolerance for her juvenile eye rolling and derisive snorting when he started to answer her “question”. But not only did he call her out like an unruly student, he schooled her on how badly her own union has been deceiving her over the past few months, then gave her another little lesson in what “civility” means. Good for him. She handed him a bucket full of rotten lemons and he gave us all some delicious and refreshing conservative lemonade.

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