I Don’t Think the President Has Room in His Life for Another God

| August 20, 2010 | Comments (7)

I’m not prepared to call this Jake Tapper piece journalism. It reads like a tiny bit of uninspired propaganda, like Tapper felt obliged to write the post and swing a stick desultorily on the President’s behalf.

A new poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life indicates that the number of Americans who erroneously believe President Obama is a Muslim is growing.

In March 2009, the percentage was 11 percent. Today, it’s 18 percent.

The percentage of those asserting that the president is a Christian — which he is — has gone down in that time, from 48% in March 2009 to 34% today.

A plurality of Americans — 43% — say they don’t know what religion the president is.

[Emphasis Mine]

I emphasized the propaganda phrases. Jake Tapper can’t say that Barack Obama is a Christian any more than I can because it’s an unprovable statement. The closest he can get to objective truth is to quote what the President says about his own religious beliefs, or list some actions that most of us attribute to fairly devout Christians.

The truth is, it’s impossible to know what religion Barack Obama really is, which is why the poll numbers have changed so dramatically in a year. The reason an increasing number of people are uncertain about the President’s religion is because he’s given them reasons to doubt.

What has he done to indicate that he’s a devout member of any Christian religion? He hasn’t regularly attended a church since he left the one he joined for political purposes, the one led by the anti-Semitic, America-hater Jeremiah Wright. He’s shown no affection for any particular Christian religion (Is he a Methodist? A Baptist? A Pentecostal?). He’s blown off the National Day of Prayer and has given Islam far more public favor than he has any other religion. His political ideology diverges from any sane reading of the Bible in many important way even though he does quote the Bible often. When he does, though, he usually twists the quote to fit his political position rather than molding his politics around his faith, as the Bible requires.

If I had to say he worshiped a God, that God’s name is Barack Obama.

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Comments (7)

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  1. NealDewing says:

    I agree completely. Obama has displayed no strong religious convictions. I think these polls should begin asking whether people think Obama is an atheist. Those would be interesting numbers.

  2. Rob Stubbs says:

    If you listen to his speeches when he mentions things like Collective Salvation. Thats Black Liberation Theology. The two tenants of that are 1: There are only Victimizers and the Victims. This means that if you are part of the Victimizers Class despite all the good works you may have personally done Do Not Matter until you surrender your power, wealth and such to the Victims. The Victims never mind how much wealth or power they may personally acquired are immune from Criticism for their actions due to their original Victim Status.

    2: No One can get Individual Salvation except through Collective Salvation. Collective Salvation requires everyone to work to the goal of making the Victimizers give up everything to the Victims and if someone is unwilling to do so the other people are required to force them too.

    Black Liberation Theology believes that God is just on the Side of the Victims and holds no warmth or grace for the Victimizers. Jesus went on the Cross Because he was Ultimate of The Victims and died. He did not chose to do this act but was forced into it

  3. Mike Bratton says:

    If I may, it is possible to discern whether or not Obama is a Christian by the words he uses when he discusses what he believes. The most revealing of the Obama quotes is one from a Chicago Sun-Times interview where he stated a belief that there are "many paths" to God.

    Now, Christianity is really very clear on the matter. Jesus Himself said there was one path to God, and that was through a saving faith in Jesus Himself.

    Christians agree with Christ, by definition. Obama does not agree with Christ. Those of us who are Christians pray for Obama's salvation, but there is no reason to believe Obama to be even a marginal, immature Christian.


  4. Thomas Jackson says:

    Presidente Zero is obviously a mutant vampire of some sort. Who else has the symbols of Christianity covered or removed when speaking at a chapel, etc? Having witnessed Wright's temple who can doubt Iman Obama is a practising christian? Having told the world the US is not a christian nation but one founded on the foundations of Islam? Shintoism; Micky Mouse; who can doubt his devotation to the scripture?

    Iman Obama is as much a Chritian as his birth certificate proves.

  5. ~*Cheesestick*~ says:

    Most of the time, the very liberal press does not shock, but on this issue, I was kind of surprised that they all presented the poll this way…."erroneously believe" or whatever statements were used to that end. They can't even report on what the nation may or may not think without trying to force their own beliefs on us. Who cares if 18% believe he's Muslim? That's probably comparable to the number of people who believe that The Bushes are some secret society/satan worshiping types. The only reason the media cares is because it gives them another opportunity to remind the rest of us, the peasantry, that we are nothing but a bunch of racists and any thoughts we have about this mosque are due to our unrealized hostility towards anything that is different from our little white-washed, white-bred, puritanical superstitious world. Even people I know who pay no attention to the news don't believe this stuff they push any more.

  6. Bob Belvedere says:

    Quoted from and Linked to at:

    I Am Really Quite Surprised / You Look So Small / Not A King At All

  7. I Am Really Quite Surprised / You Look So Small / Not A King At All « The Camp Of The Saints says:

    [...] the confusion that exists among my fellow citizens as to Obama’s religious beliefs, I believe Jimmie Bise gets it just right: The truth is, it’s impossible to know what religion Barack Obama really is, which is why the [...]

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