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| August 9, 2010 | Reply

Apparently, I am fated not to do any in-depth writing until later this evening, so let me share a few quick links with you.

  • Duane Lester takes the notion that America right now is “pre-revolutionary” and sets it properly in time.
  • Michelle Malkin wants to know why Barack Obama is putting so much money and effort into getting a crook elected in Illinois.
  • Michelle “Let Them Eat Sugar-Free Cake” Obama has decided to help the American economy by spending a few thousands bucks on swanky hotels, exclusive beaches, and food most of us can only dream of eating…in Spain. Oh, but it’s okay because she’s only going there to console her dear friend, you know, like you do.
  • Freddie Mac just posted a $6 billion quarterly loss and it wants another bailout to help deal with it. Apparently, destroying our housing industry wasn’t enough for these Helpy McHelpersons. They want to do more.
  • Ed Driscoll finds some modern-day Dam Busters. Makes you wonder whose side they’re on.
  • William Jacobsen had found a few so-called conservatives who are simply sick at heart about all the fussin’ and a-feudin’ we’re doing with the totalitarian left. Shame they can’t argue against anyone not stuffed to bursting with straw.
  • How totally awesome if government-run health care? Well, you can walk into an emergency room with a heart problem and walk out, maybe, with a stroke.

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