The Delivery Presents – Celebratory Fandemonium!

| August 6, 2010 | 3 Replies

I wanted to do something a bit different for my 50th show, and so I did! Most other radio hosts, when they have a milestone program, bring in high-profile guests or resort to some sort of gimmickry to get you to listen and to make it special. Well, I suppose you could say I did the same thing, except that I didn’t go with high-power guests. In fact, I pretty much turned the show over to you guys, the fans of The Delivery.

SMP Mike opened up the studio line a few days before we recorded and I invited people to call in and leave messages and question. Well, that didn’t go quite as smashingly as it could have, but the folks in the chatroom came through nicely! Any lag in the conversation is due to some problems I had scrolling the chatroom. After the mid-show break, I brought in three of the show’s most loyal fans and chatted with each of them for a few minutes. Rob (Blog and Twitter), Brandon (Blog and Twitter), and Jennifer (Blog and Twitter) are all active bloggers and tweeters who would make good additions to your Twitter stream or RSS reader.

We had a record number of people in the Ustream chat room for the show, by the way. I recommend you pop one of the next couple weeks. You’ll find it addictive and not just because I’ve programmed the chat room to spray a little mist of crack smoke from your keyboard to hook you!

Thanks to everyone for making the first 50 episodes of The Delivery such wonderful fun! I hope we can do 50 times 50 more! I’ll have some exciting news about the next couple shows (including the anniversary show, Episode 52).

The Delivery - Episode 50


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