The Delivery Presents – Mark Hemingway’s Debut, Pamela Gorman Strikes Back, and You!

| July 28, 2010 | 1 Reply

Behold, Episode 49 in all its podcasting glory!

I have said before that I look forward to Tuesday night because I have so much fun recording The Delivery. I have had a run of very good guests the last few weeks and this show kept the streak alive. I spoke with Mark Hemingway, one of my favorite journalists and bloggers, about the JournoList stories and why the right hasn’t put one of similar size together. I had wanted Mark on the show pretty much from the beginning, so I was very glad to have him. You can expect him back for some second segment action, too.

Of course, Pamela Gorman came back for another week. We delved into her non-political side and you can hear for yourself just how charming and interesting a women she is. I predict that when she makes it to Congress, she’s going to be quite a big deal in not very much time at all.

I also led off the second half with a set of special announcements about next week’s historic Episode 50. I’ll have a post up later tonight with all the details, but you can skip ahead and listen to it before the post goes up.

The Delivery - Episode 49

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