I Won’t Win A Pony, So How About Some Juicy Links?

| July 26, 2010 | Reply

I’ve been collecting stories and blog posts over the last couple of days, with the goal of working them into wondrous and intensely interesting blog posts that would drive thousands upon thousands of hits to The Shack and garner mentions on all the finer right-wing radio talk shows. Then I realized that for all that, I might as well wish for a free pony delivery, too, so I scaled back a little bit. Instead of a hand full of posts that would bring home the Pulitzer Prize for Blogging, I present this shameless link dump.

The links all go to very good blog posts that will probably earn the writer their very own free pony and more hits than Spencer Ackerman delivers to a plate glass window factory on his worst, most Mr. Furious day. So go visit them. Wish them well. Just don’t ask to ride the awesome pony they’ll be getting.

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