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Anyone who knows me more than casually (or follows my Twitter stream) knows that I am an avid Washington Capitals fan and that my favorite player who wears the Red and White is winger Brooks Laich. Not only is he a very good player whose production has increased every year, and a guy who will stop and change a stranger’s flat tire after suffering perhaps the worst loss of his professional career, he’s also, well, here. Read this.

Q: This is the last year of your contract and then you’re a free agent. Your next contract figures to be your big contract. Have you started thinking about that?

A: I have a contract [for this season]. I don’t lose sleep at night because my salary is X amount of dollars when I think it should be Y amount of dollars. I lose sleep at night because I’ve been in the league five years and we still haven’t won a championship. I wake up in the middle night frustrated because we lost out in the first round and I want to see our players hoist the Stanley Cup. That’s why I lose sleep. I don’t worry about 13 months from now not having a paycheck. That’s a long time from now.

There aren’t many professional athletes in any major sport who can say what Brooks said with absolute sincerity. That’s why he’s my favorite.

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