Rachel Maddow Wants You to Know She’s Got This Whole Recession Thing

| July 12, 2010 | 2 Replies

Stacy McCain has returned from his wedding-related blog break with a holy vengeance. His first target is Rachel Maddow, who decided to waste her valuable time in front of a national audience by parroting the Dumbest Speaker of the House in our nation’s history.

There’s also this:

Notice how Maddow hammers on the idea that tax cuts are bad policy which increase the deficit and benefit the rich. I’d be interested to see how that kind of message plays with a focus group of independent voters, because I think it resonates much deeper than most Republicans understand. Conservatives are always talking about how we’ve “won the war of ideas,” but the fact that Democrats still believe they can win with such economic themes — utterly ignoring the supply-side revolution — means that the war of ideas is a long way from being won.

The biggest problem with Maddow’s claim is not that it’s bad politics (without a doubt, it is), but that it’s not actually true. The Bush tax cuts did not inordinately benefit the rich and when they expire, the resulting tax increase will hammer the middle class that is desperately trying to climb over the obstacles the President has put in its way.

Read all the way to the end of Stacy’s post. the real question isn’t whether handing our country over to economic dullards who think like Maddow but whether the Republican Party has the guts to point out just what a horrible job Maddow’s ideological pals have done.

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