No, Thad McCotter, I Don’t Think I’ll Cheer Your Noble Sacrifice Today.

| July 2, 2010 | 5 Replies

Color me underwhelmed by Thaddeus McCotter’s heroic action to fold up his own superfluous committee. McCotter chairs the House Republican Policy Committee that is supposed to develop policies for the Republicans in the House to introduce as bills. McCotter made big noise when he took over as one of the “we need to get back to first principles” sort of Republicans. I admit, this quote does look awfully good.

“With all the talk of spending and cutting, this chance to lead by example, reform our own operations and return $360,000 to the Treasury for deficit reduction strikes me as exactly what the public wants us to start doing,” McCotter said. Taxpayer funds pay for Congressional leadership offices.

That’s some pretty inspiring, albeit small change kind of stuff. However, let’s not forget who Thad McCotter is (Hint: he’s not exactly a small-government conservative). In the past couple years, he has:

  1. Co-sponsored a bill to bail out union pensions to the tune of $165 billion,
  2. Opposed the $1 trillion-plus Stimulus Bill because it didn’t send quite enough pork home to his district.
  3. Co-sponsored the ridiculous $3 billion Cash for Clunkers bill.
  4. Pushed hard for the $25 billion auto industry bailout.

Hmmm. So I’m supposed to cheer him for saving $360,000 while he’s personally responsible for $193 billion of wasteful big-government spending? Right. I’ll get right on that.

My guess is that McCotter isn’t as interested in saving the taxpayers money as he is striking a pose that’ll help conservatives forget that, when it comes to bringing home the bacon, he’s more than willing to take whatever he wants from our wallets to keep his local poll numbers up. He’s not a defender of conservative limited government. He’s a defender of pork and corruption and the kind of old-school politics that have put us so badly in debt that our grandchildren will be lucky to see the end of it.

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