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| June 30, 2010 | 1 Reply

Episode 45 is in the can and you’ll want to hear this one if you have ever a sliver of a geek bone in your body. A couple of months ago, Melissa Clouthier was on the show and broached the idea of doing a regular Book Club show. She suggested Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! and we agreed to get back together a couple of months later to discuss the book after we (and you good listeners) had a chance to read it. I’ve read the book several times before, but Melissa was new to it, and fairly new to Pratchett in general.

Did she like it? Does she want to read more? I guess you’ll have to listen to get the answers, eh?

I had Andrew Malcolm on in the second half and let me tell you that he is simply a wonderful guest. He knows more about journalism than I ever could and is one of the few legacy media veterans who not only understands new media but also loves it like I do. I coaxed a couple stories out of him about his early blogging days and, thanks to the good folks in the UStream chatroom, I also learned which blogs he reads (well, some of them at any rate). I will have him on again soon, so if you didn’t get your fill of Andrew this week, there will be plenty more!

The Delivery - Episode 45

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