The Delivery Presents – Chris Muir and Darryl Johnson, Guest-O-Rama!

| June 27, 2010 | 2 Replies

Episode 44 is a good one. I know I’ve said that before of other episodes (because it’s true!) but if I had to put together a “best of” block of shows, this one would definitely be in the mix.

Chris Muir, cartoonist extraordinaire, joins me in the top half of the show for a little politics talk. One of the recurring themes in Chris’ strips is the Marie Antoinette-like haughtiness of the administration and the Democratic leadership, and the wall against which they are puhing the American people (to that end, see this strip. It’s perhaps the most important one he’s done all year). I let Chris run with this a little and you’ll want to hear what he has to say. His yearly fundraiser is coming up in the beginning of July. He’s offering original artwork, posters, and strip prints. I plan on getting my hands on some of it when it starts and I think you’ll like what he has to offer as well. He also provided this week’s cover art, a delicious piece of eye candy, so enjoy!

Darryl Johnson, lead singer of Mr. Groove Band and musician extraordinaire joined me in the bottom half of the show to talk music and a couple new projects he and the band have working right now. Darryl knows his old-school music, but he also has a foot firmly planted in the music of the here and now. We discuss musical inspirations and how other groups influence the music he makes. If you haven’t heard Darryl or the band, do yourself a favor, click the links and listen. I highly recommend “Would You Still Want Me?” on Darryl’s page (a song written by my brother, by the way) and “I’ll Take You Higher” on the Mr. Groove Band page.

The Delivery - Episode 44

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