No, Living Within Your Budget is Certainly Not Sexy

| June 21, 2010 | 4 Replies

Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. President. Is our desire to not blow up our budget like a cement truck in a Mythbusters episode boring you?

President Obama lost patience Saturday with Senate Republicans who have insisted that a $100 billion spending package be paid for so that it does not add to the deficit, accusing the GOP of “dreary and familiar politics” that threaten the nation’s future.

“Gridlock as a political strategy is destructive to the country,” Obama said in his weekly address, slamming the GOP for blocking the package that would extend unemployment benefits and assistance to states for Medicaid, among other things.

Unfortunately, what stands between the President and his Pot O’ Taxpayer Gold is an inconvenient law called PayGo. If it seems unfamiliar to him, he might want to go back and hit a speech he gave not terribly long ago, when he thought the law was a great idea. That was, by the way, several violations of PayGo ago.

Okay, maybe “violations” is too strong a word because, technically, the Democrats used a loophole they wrote into the law that made it completely worthless. See, all they have to do to spend whatever they like is declare the spending an emergency and viola, it’s not subject to PayGo. Of course, using the loophole like a crazed Portal player doesn’t merely violate the law. It kicks it squarely in the jewels, spits on it, then violates it and everyone related to it. You can’t take a law for which you clamored, bend it over a log like it was Ned Beatty in Deliverance, and go at it like you were a pig-deprived degenerate and expect me to believe you have noble motivations.

The solution to the President’s problem is very simple. All he has to do to get this super-important funding is find $100 billion worth of government spending that isn’t super-important. Surely, in a budget that clocks in at well over $3 trillion, he can find 3.4 percent that isn’t absolutely essential. I mean, if he cared about us as much as he says he does, he’d put some of his budget people on the job and get it done by the end of the week.

But crunching numbers isn’t sexy. Cutting an unnecessary program that might be a beloved of one of his campaign contributors is “dreary”. Abiding by the laws you pushed to pass isn’t the mark of a hopeychangey ass-kicker. So we get whining.

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