Another Fine Moment in Progressive History (Updated with the Tale of MSM Malfeasance)

| June 5, 2010 | 6 Replies

Living fossil Helen Thomas lurched forth from the murk of the tar pits where she lives to issue her solution on the current unrest in the Middle East. I regret that the video is so poor. Apparently, she was not quite up to screaming them from a nearby balcony in the original German.

I suppose I could go on to note how amazingly ignorant of history Thomas is, which would be fair since she filed some of her first columns from Pharoah’s palace just after Moses commanded him to “Let my people go”, but I won’t. I’ll leave her amazing stupidity and repulsive anti-Semitism stand on its own.

For the record, Thomas issued an “apology” which ought to pacify no clear-thinking human being. Were I a member of the White House Press Corps, I would stand up and walk out of the next press conference the second Robert Gibbs gives the traditional first question to the aged and haggard old crone. I doubt any of them will since she represents an almost perfect caricature of the heart and soul of the progressive movement going all the way back to the early 1900 and repudiating her would be to repudiate such other honored anti-Semites as Jimmy Carter. However, she has no place in a seat of honor in our White House and should have no readers among the freedom-loving world. Let her return to the mire from which she heaved her wrinkled bulk and bother the world no more.

Update below the fold.

UPDATE: So far, Thomas’ compatriots in the MSM are doing a very good job of ignoring her ugly anti-Semitism. I’ve engaged in Twitter conversations with both Ed Henry of CNN and Jake Tapper of ABC. Their reasons for not reporting on the story boil down to three arguments: 1) their beat is the White House, not Helen Thomas; 2) Helen Thomas isn’t all that important and there are much bigger stories to occupy their attention; and 3) she apologized, so there’s no story. Their excuses have become talking points for many of their professional comrades who are spending far more time scheming up excuses than they are reporting on a story that has practically fallen in their laps.

Would that the MSM were so handy with these same excuses when it came time to report on Pat Robertson (for whom Jake Tapper left his beat to report), Don Imus (whose apology mattered not one white), or Trent Lott (see Don Imus).

Here is the real question for those like Tapper and Henry who don’t think Thomas’ final solution for Middle Eastern peace is worth their time. If Carl Cameron, who reports on the White House for Fox News, had gone a to a Black History Month event at the White House and said that the real solution to racism in America is to have all blacks in America go back home to Africa, would that be a major story this weekend? Of course it would, and rightly so. Cameron would be the talk of every Sunday morning talk show and the outrage would rattle the foundations of Fox News headquarters. Helen Thomas has been specially honored by the President of the United States. She holds a position of great honor, and her words inform and influence thousands. What puts her beyond a basic, professional, objective news report on her comments?

She should not be special, yet she is because the people to whom we entrust a special right to freedom of speech that none of the rest of us have, decided to protect her from the consequences of her own shriveled and despicable beliefs.

UPDATE 2: The speakers’ bureau which represented Thomas has dropped her, effective immediately. Reporter and author Craig Crawford, who is also represented by that bureau and had planned to work with Thomas on a book, has separated himself from her as well. Good. More ostracism, please.

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